Thursday, November 10, 2011


Family planning requires endless support and participation on behalf of both the parents. It’s not at all an easy task and hasty decisions may just lead to complications. Hence, one needs to know when the time is right!

ARE YOU MATURE ENOUGH? The prevailing in our society is for couples to get married in their

Timing is important when it comes to family is age! Prevailing in our society is for couples to get married in their early 20s and have children soon after. Allowing enough time for each person to get to know each other and for the relationship to grow is crucial. Family planning should involve focusing on more committed relationship in which both are fully ready to take on the responsibility of becoming parent and raising a child together.


Before becoming a parent, it’s important to analyse a marriage from its roots: Is it strong enough? Have you two as a couple adjusted to challenges of marriage? Is the relationship strong and trusting? Ask yourself these questions.


This especially holds true for women. A mom to be must be free for major health problems and diseases such as heart disease, cancer and certain blood disorders before getting pregnant. Many Women tend to shy away from consultation with the doctor before getting pregnant. It is highly important for those suffering from medical conditions to seek the advice of a gynaecologist to ensure their body will be able to carry a baby easily. The health of the potential father too is important .An excess intake of smoking, drug use and poor diet can make harder for his partner to get pregnant.


Couples should know if they are financially prepared to welcome a child .They must ready for the expenses related to pregnancy and child rearing. Paying for the basic expenses of infants for the first year alone can be pricey. Clothing, nursery furniture, formula, baby food, diapers should be budgeted into the overall cost of starting a family.


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