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The goal of parenting is to help your child become a responsible and ethical adult. To achieve this goal, parents should focus on early childhood Development for which a parent must spend their time with a child. Pahrents should encourage their child on each and every small thing he does. For example: “excellent boy”, very good etc. Single smile can also boost their confidence. Parent should never restrict their child in doing any positive work.
It is important for parents to listen and communicate in open, respectful ways, so their children will feel safe in discussing their problems and feelings.
The quality family relationships are becoming increasingly important in our society. With pressures and issues like drugs and other negative things, which children are facing today, the need for open communication and positive family relationships is vital. Parents should be very much concerned on their child and whole family should sit together to discuss something positive to develop positive attitude and background in child.
Everyone learn from their mistakes even parents. If a child does any mistakes do not scold, you should be positive enough if you want to improve or develop good attitude in your child. Explain and teach your child on their mistakes. In this way they will learn.
Never be overprotective of your child. It is very important that parents should attend PTM parent teacher meeting, parent teacher relationship is very important for your child improvement. Donot think that your child is the best and donot always defend your child. Teachers and parents play very important role in the physical, mental and other development of the child.
Homework is a child’s responsibility, so we need to be careful how much we help. Teach your child to maintain their daily timetable so that they can feel comfortable and be organized. This will help them in future.


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Several very excellent points.

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This is a really interesting and informative posting I must say. I always like to follow the latest information on positive parenting.

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Positive parenting works for the same reason learning does. The good feelings created by positive parenting help kids learn what their parents are teaching them.

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Greg Chua said...

Parents are responsible for child's growth, so a proper discipline is a must have. Thanks for sharing this and this will a big help also for the other parents. I will refer this also to my parents.

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