Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Motivating Children to Learn

  • children learn best when they feel valued.
  • Children learn best when the experience is engaging and rewarding.
  • Children learn best in a secure and supportive environment where provision is made for discovery, challenge and choice.
  • Learning is most effective when each learner’s uniqueness is taken into account.
  • Learning is a lifelong experience and happens at different rates and in different ways.
  • Learners need to be actively involved in their learning with adequate time for being given for reflection and self-evaluation.
  • Successful learners accept responsibility for their learning.
  • Successful learners are motivated to create learning opportunities and use a range of strategies to achieve their goals.
  • Emotion is a critical part of learning.
  • People learn and make sense of things in different ways.
  • Prior knowledge is a vital foundation on which to build new learning.
  • Learning essential skills and processes will enable students to become productive life long learners.
  • The parent’s role is to motivate, stimulate and facilitate student learning.
  • Time to plan, organize and reflect with colleagues is an essential part of a productive learning community.
  • Social interactions, interpersonal relationships and communication with others significantly influence learning.
  • Assessment and feedback are essential elements in the learning process.
    Respect, Cooperation, Excellence, Caring, Responsibility are the key values to be taught to children while motivating them towards learning.



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