Sunday, January 25, 2009

Creating a Reader-Friendly Home

Create a special reading place
As kids grow, keep age-appropriate books and magazines on shelves they can reach in their favorite hangouts around the house. Make these shelves appealing and keep them organized.

Keep it appealing
Make sure reading areas have good lighting. Change the materials often — add seasonal books, rotate different magazines, and include books that relate to what kids are interested in or studying in school.

Encourage kids to create the reading
Set up a writing and art center and encourage kids to make books, posters, or collages that they decorate with their own pictures and writing.

Think About Atmosphere

Other ways to encourage kids to read:

* Give your child quiet time every day to read or write.
* Limit time kids spend in front of a screen to help ensure that they have time for reading.
* Read together. Offer to read a book aloud, or ask your child to read to you from a favorite magazine. Make a habit of sitting together.


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