Sunday, January 4, 2009


Every parent wants their child to be a good and moral person. We all try to get our children to do what we think is right and stay away from whatever we feel wrong.

Teenagers who are developing their own mind set as they are growing up. At this point, the question is:- how much the teenagers obey their parents and how reasonable are the values and beliefs that are enforced upon these young minds.

Both these questions are very hard to answer. Time to time they learn different things from their environment.


It is very obvious that culture had great significance for our previous generations. But the reality is that it would not be wrong to say that what culture means to us is very different from what it means to our child. Young adults nowadays do not look at culture in the same light as their parents. So when their parents try to tell themhow to behave according to customs and traditions, they don't have quite the same reaction.

Media has influenced a lot and children give more importance in media rather in their heritage.

Generation Gap 2009

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It is good that children bring new changes in them and try to be modern according to the world but it is very necessary that children must not cross their limit, forget their religion and engage in mischievous attitude. Parents must look after them secretly what they do but never scold your them, talk to them in a polite and respectable manner because they also adopt behavior from their parents. Teach your child to balance your life. Though they adopt different customs and other things from media but they should always respect their parents. Most importantly they must remember their ethics and their faith.



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