Saturday, March 7, 2009

Healthy Tips For Parents

1. Let children make choices."Are you in the mood for your grey pants today or your red pants?"
2. Show respect for a child's struggle.
3. Do not ask too many questions."Glad to see you. Welcome home."
4. Do not rush to answer questions."That is an interesting question. What do you think?'
5. Encourage children to use sources outside the home."Maybe the pet shop owner would have a suggestion."
6. Do not take away hope."So you're thinking of trying out for the play!That should be an experience.". . . .

Instead of Punishment

1. Express your feelings strongly
2. State your expectations."I expect my tools to be returned after they've been borrowed.
3. Show the child how to make amends."What this saw needs is a little steel wool and a lot of elbow grease."
4. Give the child a choice."You can borrow my tools and return them, or you can give up the privilege of using them. You decide."5. Take action.Child; "James is the tool box locked?"Father: "You tell me whv."


Anonymous said...

Healthy Tips, i got lot of guidance from this blog. Best Blog.

JANE Elizabeth

Saif Ali Pervez said...

Thanks for your comment.


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