Saturday, February 21, 2009


Parents can give kids lots of homework help, primarily by making homework a priority and helping them develop good study habits.
Wherever kids do homework, it's important to make sure their workspace is:
  1. comfortable
  2. Ensure that a child has its stationary
  3. quiet and free from distractions
  4. If kids need a computer for schoolwork, try to set it up in a common space
    Focus on helping kids on the problem-solving skills

    Here are more tips to help make homework easier for kids:
  • Establish a routine. Ask your child to manage time for homework, make a timetables, include HW list on To Do list and paste it on refrigerator or cupboard so that a child may remember their HW time.
  • Managing time is very important for child which will help them complete their all work effectively and smartly.
  • Keep in good contact with the teachers throughout the school year to stay aware of your child's progress. Don't miss parent–teacher conferences and maintain an ongoing dialogue. Teachers are one of the most important person in the world to build and develop child. Discuss main issues inwhich your child is having problem and discuss it with teacher how to improve your child.

  • Don't forget the study skills. Advise your child to make flashcards or notes to remember important points for test, this is one of the most effective and smart way of study for test.

  • Be sure your kids are writing down assignments correctly and encourage them to keep a daily homework notebook, which can help both kids and parents know exactly what assignments are due and when. Advise your child to list down the bullet points which teacher explains in the classroom.
  • Whatever is taught in the school, make sure to revise and go through the points daily at home. In this way a child will have no problem in doing their Homework, preparing for test as well as their assignment.
  • Encourage effort and determination — not just the grades they get.
  • Be a good example by showing your own love of learning. While your child does homework, do your own — read books, magazines, and newspapers; write letters, lists, and emails



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