Friday, February 6, 2009

Tips to save your child from Drugs (Substance Abuse)

* Get involved and stay involved with your child

* Know what your child is doing
* Know their friends and the friends parents and don’t be afraid to check in with them
* Tell your child what you expect
* Set the rules
* Be the parent, not just a pal
* Talk about risky situations and the best ways to handle them
* Stay informed
* Show your child you care by:
o Saying “I love you”
o Being careful not to be too critical
o Teaching what and why not to use
o Listening without interrupting and with your full attention

Provide Alternatives:

Visualise the reasons of your child's attenting to drugs.
Understand their problems include
Try escaping their pain, boredom, curiosity,
Aware your child about drugs
Talking with your child about alternative means of dealing with such challenges or difficulties.


Anonymous said...

nice tips to save our child from drugs

Anonymous said...

thanks for giving your feedback.

Lori said...

Great info...I did a blog about this a while ago. I may need to repost this. Parents can never know too much and I am the voice of experience. Thanks for stopping by:)


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