Friday, February 13, 2009

Tips for Busy Families

The key is to schedule things in moderation and choose activities with a child's age, temperament, interests, and abilities in mind. Don't bind their mind according to your interest, be free with them and work on their interest and abilities.

Depending on a kid's age and interests, it's possible to set reasonable limits on extracurricular activities and make them more enjoyable for all.

Here are some simple suggestions and tips:

* Agree on ground rules ahead of time: For instance, plan on kids playing one sport per season or limit activities during the school week.
* Know how much time is required: take out particular time for them, at least 1 hour a day will try to make a lot of difference and positive attitude in your child.
* Keep a calendar to stay organized: Display it on the refrigerator or other prominent spot so that you may remember.
* Try to carpool with other parents to make life easier.
* Try to balance activities for all of your kids — and yourself
* Create family time: If you're eating pizza on the run every night, plan a few dinners when everyone can be home at the same time — even if it means eating a little later. Schedule family fun time, too, whether it's playing a board game or going on bike ride or hike.
* Set priorities: School should come first. If kids have a hard time keeping up academically, they may need to drop an activity.
* Know when to say no
* Remember the importance of downtime: Everyone needs a chance to relax, reflect on the day, or just do nothing.




I went through a bit of the site and I found it really useful with reagrds to the REC here.

But my concern rises at a point when you said parents should plan a day according to the needs of a child, to which I disagree a bit, because planning the day entire involves giving attention to kids rather den involving them in your daily plan. And giving attention and involving in your daily plan is sort of two different elements and are further debatable.

Overall, I really appreciate your hardwork at this very age. I can surely see a sparkling leader in you.

Thanks and Regards

Ali Hussaini

Saif Ali Pervez said...

i appreciate your comment but i want to clear one thing that i have mentioned in my post to arrange family day once a week that doesnot mean to plan a day according to child's need. Point to be noted.

Anonymous said...

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