Friday, May 29, 2009


The Benefits of Sports
Organized sports can help kids grow in many ways. From soccer to fencing, sports offer chances for kids to learn and master skills, work with their peers and coaches, and challenge themselves in a safe environment. They learn new skills and this develops team working and leadership in a child. Sports like football, cricket, baseball, table tennis, badminton, hockey and etc makes child healthly and fit. Sports also makes them grow in height. Sport helps us to maintain balance diet in our life and also decreases obesity. It also makes them active and smart. It is your reposnsibility as a parent to encourage them to play so that your child can develop certain skills.
When Should Kids Start Playing Sports?
As you think about signing kids up for sports, consider how emotionally and physically ready they are to participate. 
That doesn't mean kids can't play sports when they're younger. Sports can be fun for toddlers and kindergartners, but they should be less about competition and more about having fun opportunities to be active. So even if young kids inadvertently score a goal for the other team or spend the entire game chasing butterflies, as long as they're enjoying it, that's OK.
If you do decide to sign your 5-year-old up for a team, be sure to choose a league that emphasizes fun and basic skills. 



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