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Goal setting can be done at any part of the year, and now is a better time than any for parents to assist their children with planning and creating purposeful achievements.
parental guidance with goal setting is a great way for parents to help their child visualize reachable experiences. But how can parents keep goals simple in order to make them achievable for children?

Here are 5 key steps that parents can use for goal setting with children.

1. Make goals small and adjust the completion time for the age range of your child.
  • 3-5 years old-achievable within a day or two
  • 6-10 years old-achievable within a week
  • 11-15 years old-achievable within a month
  • 16-21 years old- achievable within a year with several benchmarks along the way
2. Make goals achievable and measurable with specific numbers. Examples:
  • I will read one new book a week.
  • I will put my shoes in the closet each night.
  • I will start researching on different topics
  • I will start managing my time.
3. Have some way to know when the goal has been reached and celebrate small successes.
  • Treats and etc.
4. Revamp what is not working.
  • Talk with your child about how to restructure the goal.
  • Make the conversation about the goal and not the lack of success.

5. Be a model and an example for your child
  • Be mindful of how you handle obstacles and resolve setbacks.
  • Remember your children are always watching and listening you so make right statements.
Regardless of how small the success, parents should maintain a positive, encouraging spirit for their child. Doing this will help them remain enthused when results appear small.


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Thanks for sharing those info! Your post really gives insight to the reader especially to all parents. I do appreciate with your post and I’ll definitely refer this to my parent s also. Keep on sharing.


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